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I closed my eyes as I fell,wondering what I was going to do.
How was I going to tell my friend and Amy I was leaving.
They would be devastated.
As this thought came into my mind I opened my eyes and looked at the ground below growing closer and closer as I picked up speed.
I thought of what would happen if I died.
If i didn't land safely on the ground...If I hit the ground full force.
The innocent people of the city,my friends and Amy would never be threatened again.
And that's what being a hero was all about wasn't it?
Sacrificing yourself to save the lives of the innocent.
But then again,I thought,no one would be around to make sure Eggman kept his promise of not harming Amy.
...So I couldn't plummet myself into the ground.
But...if I could make it seem like I was dead...then my friends would be safe...and I will still be able to keep an eye on Eggman in case he double crossed me!
Just before smashing into the ground I landed on my feet.
I had made up my mind...I was to fake my own death until I was need again.
But I still had 24 hours before I had to make it "official"...So I was determined to make the most of it.
So I headed toward the city.
It wasn't long before I showed up at Tails' workshop.
He was working on a new usual.
As I observed him tears began to form in my eyes.
I closed my eyes and wiped the tears away.
I couldn't show any signs of something being wrong.
"Hey Tails," I said.
He turned to face me
"Oh hi Sonic!"
"What are you working on?"
"Oh nothing just tinkering,what's up?"
I cocked my head.
"What do you mean?"
"Well usually when you come and see me,you usually need something,"
My face fell.
I never realize how precious time I have wasted with my friends.
I placed my hand on his shoulder.
"Sorry buddy,"
"It's fine," he said with his innocent smile.
Sorry I know it's not much and kind of crappy...I promise I will fix it up and stuff haha
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Can you post the next chapter please? I really wanna see what happens next!
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