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A Knightly Love: SonAmy Pt. 2
When Sonic finally awoke he was in a room filled with satin and lace. The bright pinks and yellows almost hurt his eyes. He felt a painful tug on his arm. He tried to pull his arm away but he couldn't move his arm. He turned to his right to see his arm restrained by a medical man, Stitching up his arm.
"Ah, you're awake." The man said.
"Where am I?" His eyes bolting around the room.
"Why, you're in the royal house, the Princess's room to be more specific," The man chuckled to himself.
"I don't understand."
The man tugged at the string in Sonic's arm once more.
"My job is done." The man stood quickly gathered his tools and left without another word.
Sonic sat up on the plush pink bed. He examined the stitching on his arm. He leaped off the bed and rummaged around the room for his shirt, opening and closing drawers of the Princess's. This was probably illegal, he thought. Rummaging through one of the royal's bedroom but he didn't want to stay in the Royal House any longer than he had to.
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Sonic The Hedgehog: A War Story
Sonic leaned on the railing of the boat and looked out at the crystal blue waters of the Atlantic ocean and a wave of emotions crashed over him. He was excited, nervous, eager, and terrified all at once. He turned to Knuckles next to him.
"What do you think it will be like?" He asked.
Knuckles took the cigarette by the butt from his mouth.
"Hell,probably" He said.
Sonic couldn't wrap his head around the idea of war being hell. Which he knew sounded weird to any normal person but all he could remember when he was little the way his men described their time in World War I, he couldn't imagine it being any different for him. Sonic knew it wasn't going to be easy but he knew it would be worth it in the end, to feel the same glory as those men.  When he would finally come home from the war he would have medals of Honor, his head held high, and a hero's welcome when he came back to the States. Sonic could hear Tail's breath shallow at the response Knuckles gave. He was the most nervous
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A Knightly Love: SonAmy.
Middle ages. A time of magic, spells, and daring knights. And during this time,in a small village outside the palace walls. There lived a young man by the name of Sonic. He was no more than a commoner to the world around him. But little did he know his fate was far greater than he could ever imagine.
As Sonic walked to the local marketplace,he threw an apple up and down, playing catch with himself. He was going to the marketplace to his job as a blacksmith's apprentice. He whistled a little tune as strode into the blacksmith's shop.
"Early. As perusal." said a voice.
Sonic looked over to see Smitty, the blacksmith. He was an older black hedgehog with grey peppered into his fur, showing his age. He was clanking away on a new sword.
"Every minute is a learning experience." Sonic chuckled.
Sonic examined the sword Smitty was working on. It was a custom order. A sleek metal blade, with a golden handle. The handle was decorated with numerous jewels.
"Huh? Oh, the sword? Yes, Prin
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Sonic's Choice Part 3
I closed my eyes as I fell,wondering what I was going to do.
How was I going to tell my friend and Amy I was leaving.
They would be devastated.
As this thought came into my mind I opened my eyes and looked at the ground below growing closer and closer as I picked up speed.
I thought of what would happen if I died.
If i didn't land safely on the ground...If I hit the ground full force.
The innocent people of the city,my friends and Amy would never be threatened again.
And that's what being a hero was all about wasn't it?
Sacrificing yourself to save the lives of the innocent.
But then again,I thought,no one would be around to make sure Eggman kept his promise of not harming Amy.
...So I couldn't plummet myself into the ground.
But...if I could make it seem like I was dead...then my friends would be safe...and I will still be able to keep an eye on Eggman in case he double crossed me!
Just before smashing into the ground I landed on my feet.
I had made up my mind...I was to fake my own d
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Sonic's Choice Part 3:Preview
I closed my eyes as I fell,wonder what I was going to do.
How I was going to tell my friends and Amy I was leaving.
They would be devastated.
As this thought came into my mind I opened my eyes and look at the ground below growing closer and closer as I picked up speed.
I thought of what would happen if I died.
If I didn't land safely on the ground...If I hit the ground full force.
The innocent people of the city would be safe and my friends and Amy would never be threatened again.
And that was what being a hero was all about wasn't it?
Sacrificing yourself to save the lives of the innocent.
:iconsonamylover1211:SonAmyLover1211 10 3
Sonic's Choice Part 2
I let out and sigh a dropped my head.
"I'll do whatever you want just don't...don't hurt Amy," I said.
I was not happy about the fact that I was giving into Eggman and agreeing to leave the city but I knew that Amy would be safe and Knuckles and Tails would be able to keep the city safe until I returned.
I looked up disgusted at Eggman.
"Let her go,now!"
Eggman smile and snapped his fingers again.
I looked at the window again and the robot was retreating and Amy's panting slowed.
Then suddenly the ground from underneath Amy disappeared and Amy fell towards the ground below.
"NO!"I screamed.
I could still hear her screams as she was hurdling towards her death.
"Eggman you bastard!"I screamed with pure rage.
I broke the chains that restricted me to the chair and I started making my way towards Eggman.
As I came closer he stopped me.
"Easy Loverboy,"He said as he raise a knife to my neck.
I let out a frustrated sigh.
I don't like this new Eggman.
He nodded his head toward the window.
I to
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Sonic's Choice -SonAmy-
Is it better to hurt someone you love or have someone be hurt because you love them?
This was a question I had to ask myself.
It all started on a day like any other.
"Sonic?" I heard.
I open my eyes,from my nap,and looked up.
Standing in front of the sun was...her.
The glow from the sun made what seemed like a halo around her head.
"Hey Amy," I said casually,like I always did.
"What are you doing?"She asked as she sat next to me.
Though we had known each other for ages I still got butterflies when she was close to me.
"Just thinking,"I said calmly not letting my nervousness show.
She put her head on my shoulder and closed her eyes.
"About what?"
I let out a nervous sigh was this the moment to tell her?
How I truely felt?
I cleared my throat as I decided it was time
"Amy...There is something I think you should know,"I said nervously rubbing the back of my neck.
"What is it?"She ask opening her eyes and looking up at me.
My breathing started getting shallow as I looked into her eyes.
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SonAmy Crazy Life 2
It had been 6 years since Sonic had returned home and the evil of the world had seem to have melted away.
Sonic and his friend and family had not been distribed by anyone and Sonic was happy or was he really?
He sat on the old bench in the park daily at 3 o'clock sharp and thought back about what happened to his life though he would not change a minute of it,it had seem that his carefree days had just disappeared.
Something was missing but Sonic couldn't figure out what.
One day a 3 o'clock sharp Sonic was at his usual spot when he heard footsteps on the stone walkway.
Sonic looked up to see his son,Daniel, walking towards him with his grey hat turned backward like always.
"Hey Dad,"
"Hey Danny,"
Danielle sat down next his father.
"I thought you would be here,"Daniel said sarcastically knowing his dad was there everyday with out fail.
Sonic chuckled a little.
"I remember when this was woods,woods that went on for miles,"Sonic said with a smile reminiscing old memories of having picnic
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Sonic Western 2
Sonic gazed as Amelia as she walked away.
"Hey..." He faintly heard.
"Hey!"He heard someone scream.
Sonic's eyes widened.
"What?"He asked angrily turning his head.
"We have to help Tails!"Knuckles yelled
"Oh right,"Sonic said.
Sonic and Knuckles followed the trails in the dry dirt but the suddenly stopped.
"What the hell?" Knuckles questioned.
Tails followed the mad horse until it finally broke down in a lush green field.
Tails sighed with exhaustion.
"Finally,now i can take you apart,"Tails said pulling a screwdriver out from his back pocket.
He went to the side of the metal horse and tried to unscrew a screw but it was to tight.
Tails pushed down on the screwdriver harder but the screwdriver slip and hit him in the head.
"Ouch!"Tails said throwing the screwdriver on the ground and rubbing his forehead.
He then heard a giggle and gasped.
"Indians,"He said to himself and picked up the screwdriver.
"He- helloo"Tails said nervously holding the sc
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SonAmy:Crazy Life 11
Suddenly Daniel and the Stranger heard a crash.
They both turned their heads to see a cloud on smoke and debris.
As the smoke cleared there stood a blue hedgehog with emerald green eyes.
"Sonic?!"the Stranger yelped in surprise.
Sonic narrowed his eyes and gave a smirk to the Stranger.
"Dad?"Daniel said quietly to himself.
Just then Sonic jumped into acting bouncing off the wall as the Stranger's robot henchmen came after him.
Before Daniel knew it the henchmen were destroyed and it was just the Stranger and his dad.
"What's this all about egg-head?"Sonic asked backing Eggman into a corner.
"I am sure I don't know what you mean Sonic,"Eggman said.
"You don't know what I mean?You kidnapped my son,"
"Oh that,"
"Forced me into hiding,"
"That' was really nothing,"
"And threatened my family!"Sonic yelled.
"It was really all a big misunderstanding,"
"Well understand me when I tell you this Eggman,"Sonic said waving a finger in Eggman's face and narrowing his eyes.
"If you ever threatened my
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SonAmy:Crazy Life 10
Sonic,Tails, and Knuckles ran towards the house.Mina and Amy were sitting at the table in the kitchen.Amy and Mina looked up at the boys ran into the kitchen.The kitchen was quiet before Sonic spoke.
"He's ok," Sonic said with a smile.
Amy jumped up and wrapped her arms around Sonic.
"You found him?" Mina asked getting up from the table.
"Yeah,"Sonic said,"He's close were are going to go get him and bring him home,"
Amy looked up into Sonic eyes.
Sonic grabbed Amy's hands.
"Then we are going to be a family again," Sonic said.
Amy placed her hands on his face and kiss him.
"Go get our son,hero,"Amy said after she kissed him.
Sonic gave her half smile and winked at her then turned to Knuckles and Tails.
"You want us to come with you?" Knuckles asked.
"Nah,this is something I have to deal with by myself,"Sonic said.
Tails dropped his head.Sonic place his hand on his shoulder.
"I'll be fine Tails," Sonic said reassuringly.
"Ok,"Tails said looking up at him.
Sonic stood up straight then bla
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SonAmy:Crazy Life 9
"I am going to check the boys bathroom,"Sonic said walking a little faster.
"Ok,"Amy said quietly.
Sonic rushed into the boys room and just as quick as he enter the bathroom he exit.
"He's not in there,"
"Where could he be?!"Amy screamed.
"I don't know,but we are going to find out,"Sonic said grabbing her hand and running out of the school.
Sonic slowed down twirled Amy around and picked her up in one quick move then blast into his super sonic speed.
It wasn't long before they showed up at the house.Sonic set Amy down.
"That felt great!"
"Miss it?"
"Oh yeah,"Sonic said grabbing Amy's hand and walking into the house.
They walked into the kitchen where Mina,Tails,and Knuckles were sitting.The three of them glanced up,then back down at what they were doing,it took them a minute before all three of their head snapped up at the same time.It was quiet before Tails said.
"Hey buddy,"Sonic said with smile.
"Sonic!"All three of them said jumping out of their seats.
They all gave him a
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SonAmy:Crazy Life 8
Daniel was back in his class sitting his favorite seat next to the window.
He was looking out the window when the teacher slammed a ruler on his desk.
"Ah!" Daniel yelp out in surprise.
"Well Daniel?"
"What?" Daniel asked looking up at the teacher.
Kid in the classroom giggled.
"What's the answer?"
Daniel looked past the teacher at the blackboard on the board was the problem 7x7 was written up on the board.
"49?"Daniel said with a said an embarrassed smile.
"Well then,"The teacher placed the ruler behind her back and walked away,"I guess you were paying attention,"
"Good save,"Kyle said to Daniel.
"No kidding,"Daniel said then quickly looked outside then back to his desk.
"Wait a minute,"Daniel looked out the window again.
Daniel then raised his hand in the middle of the Teachers lesson.
"What is it Daniel?"
"I have to go to the bathroom,"He said quickly.
Some kids in the class giggled.
"Can it wait?"
"No I really have to go,"
More giggles.
"Fine make it quick,"
Daniel hopped out of hi
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SonAmy:Crazy Life 7
"Oh so you weren't just trying to listen in on your mom and I's conversation?" Sonic said leaning up against the door frame.
Daniel put his hands up defensively.
"No no were just leaving to...uh..."
McKenna jumped up.
"We were going..." McKenna thought before Kyle chimed in.
"To the playground," Kyle said quickly.
"Uh yeah the playground," Daniel said.
Sonic raised an eyebrow and looked at Amy with a smile.
"Really?" He said turning back to the kids.
"Recess is over,"
The kids stood there wide eyed before they all ran toward class.
Sonic chuckled.
"You're better with kids then I remember Sonic," Amy said with a smile.
Sonic turned to her and shut the door.
"Well I have been working here for..."Sonic thought for a second and counted on his fingers,"4?...No 5 years,"
"How have you been able to keep it a secret for so long?"
"I dyed my fur grey..."Sonic said pointing to his face.
"Well I can see that Sonic,but I mean how have you been keep it a secret when you run as fast as you do
:iconsonamylover1211:SonAmyLover1211 31 13
SonAmy:Crazy Life 6
"Uh what do you mean ma'am I'm Max the Janitor,"
"Come on Sonic,you think I can't tell it's you?"
"Uh yeah?"
"Shows how little you know me,"Amy said crossing her arms and turning her back towards Sonic.
"Hey hey don't be like that Amy," Sonic said walk toward her.
"How could you do this to me...To Daniel?"
"What do you mean?"
"What do I mean!"Amy yelled turning to face Sonic,"Sonic you abandoned us,"
"No I-"
"Do NOT interupt me Sonic!"
Sonic sighed and let her continue.
"You left me alone with a baby!To raise and care for by myself and..."Amy's eyes began to water. "I did know if you were going to come back to me,I was scared and I prayed that you were going to come walking through the door with a smile like you always did,but after nine years I was just starting to get over you and NOW you show up?"
"I'm sorry,"Sonic said with his head down.
"It's way to late for sorry now,"Amy said walking toward the door.
Sonic grabbed her hand.
"Let go Sonic,"
"Let go!"
"No Amy not till you k
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SonAmy:Crazy Life 5
"Why did it make you so mad that Bryce called your father a liar and a horrible father,"Max asked.
Daniel was quiet.
"Because he doesn't know him,"Daniel finally said.
"Then why does it make you so bad if you know different,that your father is a great guy?"
"Because I don't really totally know that,"Daniel said softly.
"How do you mean,Daniel"
"I don't know my father OK!"Daniel yelled jumping out of his chair.
Max looked into Daniel eyes they were full of tears.
"You don't know who your father is at all?"
"Not really.I know who he his I just don't know him,"Daniel said with his head down.
"Mind if I ask who he is,"
"Sonic The Hedgehog,"Daniel said after a quiet minute.
Max let out a little chuckle.
"What?" Daniel asked.
"I knew Sonic the Hedgehog,"
"You did!"
"When was the last time you saw him!"
"Whoa,kid,calm down,"
"No I need to know when that last time you saw him was!"
"No reason,I just want to know,"Daniel said quickly sitting down.
"What are you planning kid,"
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